"Wow...Everyday for me is an inspiration...Every single day, ya know, like, you wake up every morning, that should inspire you, to make more music...[interviewer: cuz you never know what kinna day you gon have!], exactly!(laughing) I agree, and ya know, 1st it's me, then the things around you, you know you cant ignore your immediate surroundings, you, your friends, the people around you, you turn on the news...those are the things that keep my brain going..." 

An Italian-born American of Cameroonian origin, Mundo gave this response in an interview when asked what inspires him to write his music.

Having been born in Rome,Italy,and growing there for 7yrs, a very European flavor can be savored in his music and art pieces in general. Needless to say, after living for almost 15yrs in his native country of Cameroon, the African uniqueness in him never ceases to radiate in his work and personality as well. Being someone who's lived both ends of how comfortable life can be, and overcoming extreme adversity and growing into a highly multi-cultural individual after living in Europe, Africa, and now the United States, listening to his music is a rich experience that blends all three cultures together.