Origin:  Cameroon, Italy, USA


Genres:  Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B


Years Active:  2002- Present


Label:  M&M Records


Website: www.theofficialmundo.com

Short Bio

Mundo is an Italian born American of Cameroonian origin. Born in Rome (Italy) to Cameroonian parents who had a very rich appreciation for a wide variety of music genres, Mundo grew up being influenced by several artists making waves in Europe in the 80s and 90s. He would start playing the piano by the age of 6 and the guitar by 12. After having lived in Cameroon for 14 years, and in the US for over a decade, an interesting blend of all 3 continents resonates in his music. An award winning artist with albums that speak for him, his music is loved and appreciated worldwide.



Label: M&M Records | mundoesmond@gmail.com


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PR: mundoesmond@gmail.com