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That soul / funk fusion got me. Wine-glass-with-Cabernet-driving-across-Manhattan-at-3:30am feeling! 💯🍸
-Review on "Anita"

Mundo hit the entertainment scene wearing many hats: Singer-Songwriter, Rapper, Actor, author, among many other things. He learned how to play the piano when he was only 6 years old, and the guitar by 12, turning out to be an experience that would influence his firm grip on several aspects of music, forever. Born and raised in Italy’s famous city of Rome, and later spending almost a decade and a half in his native country of origin, Cameroon, his European/African background give his music a rhythm and flavor not very common to the world.

He was actively involved in Africa for several years, doing radio shows and live concerts, after which he moved to Greensboro in North Carolina, the place he still considers home in the US. There he held down performances, and worked with several Producers, Artists, Choreographers and Videographers towards the release of “The Life Goes On Mixtape”, which was released on September 16th, 2014. It was only a matter of time before his Hit Single, Mona Lisa, became a worldwide sensation winning an award for Best Pop/R&b album in November that same year. In 2017 he took up military service with the US Army which ended in August 2020. He released a sensational EP in 2018 with remarkable records like "Look At Me"  and is now making waves with his newly released "The Music Man Mixtape" with hit records like "Anita" , "Music Man" and "Plain To See", a collaboration with fellow NC artist Jaguar. 

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Skymount Studios Chief Engineer Josh Milner, audio engineer behind all of Mundo's records (left) and Mundo (right) 

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