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Please keep in mind that Mundo is a honorably discharged US Army veteran who served as an Infantryman while stationed in Ft.Drum, NY. During his time in service, he went through several rigorous training exercises giving him an edge when it comes to battle drills, leadership, psychological operations and assymetrical warfare.

The son of a seasoned Philosophy professor, his approach to life as a self-taught Philosopher has helped him navigate very stormy waters through life, from his native Cameroon, all the way to Los Angeles where he lives as an actor, musician and author. His latest book, "So Who's More American?" (available for purchase under the STORE tab) has been dubbed a Historical, Socio-political and informational read.

Hiring Mundo to speak at your event is not just about hiring someone to speak, or dish out motivational quotes. It's about getting an overall interactive experience and the audience engaged with a man who has lived in 3 continents, been to every continent except Antarctica, every state besides Hawaii and Alaska, speaks over 7 languages, and would LOVE nothing more than to have a great time, holding a great conversation with anyone who seeks his services.

So whether you're looking to hire him to speak at a corporate event, a think-tank gathering, a school, or a graduation ceremony, for Mundo it's always an honor to come out and speak to you. Thanks in advance for having him!

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